Email Marketing And Solutions Platform

Whether it is Email Marketing, Emailing Business Essential Document Distribution, Alerts and Advices, or fully customised and automated solutions, We Deliver.

For a quick and easy method of sending your emails, our online email marketing tools are tried and tested with great results. For complex multi-message campaigns, our Campaign Board is the email marketing platform you need. For full integration we have a range of options available.

We do it right, we don't use "Spoofing". This means your emails will pass security checks and stand a much higher chance of being delivered to the recipient’s inbox, not a spam folder, or just the mail server.

  • No monthly, or sign up fees. Only pay for emails we actually deliver.
  • Have as many contacts in your address book as you like…at no extra charge.
  • We allow sending to generic email addresses like admin@
  • We work with you to ensure your DNS settings are correct.
  • We don't employ the USA based double opt in strategy for Australian Business.
  • Schedule based on a date field, or a set time.
  • Set who the email comes from and where replies are to go back to.
  • Fully managed opt outs/unsubscribes.
  • Full email opened and links clicked tracking available online at no extra charge.
  • Send with attachments.
  • Links to online versions.
  • Automatic responses.
  • Our support team are there to talk to you on the phone 24/7 365 days a year….at no extra charge.
  • Use our online platform to create and distribute your email marketing. Quick, easy and fully featured, multi-level campaigns, We Deliver.
  • Our Professional Services team can help put your email marketing together and get it out for you.
  • Backed by a data centre and delivery system housed in Sydney Australia, our email marketing platform has been developed over the past 23 years and constantly evolving to maximise deliverability. This also means that your data stays in Australia, which is essential for compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles.
  • Use our XML based API to fully integrate into your systems for Automated Email Marketing, Advice/Alert messaging and Business Essential Document (orders, invoices and statements) distribution.

Let us customise a solution that works for YOU.


Sending Emails should be simple and easy. You should be able to send to all your email addresses and do so being assured that your emails will actually reach the recipients. Many 3rd party Email marketing services use a technology called “Spoofing” as it minimises their need to talk to you, which these days will send a lot of your emails to spam, if delivered to the recipient at all. We do not. We use your domain for all parts of the email and work with you to ensure that your DNS and emails are set up correctly to maximising deliverability. The Science of emails document will explain further.

PRODOCOM is your trusted partner in electronic communications. Our Australian-based specialists support your in-house IT team to deliver reliable, state-of-the-art communication solutions. Being an Australian business in Australia means our solutions are focussed on what you need in Australia.